All Breed Sweeps Rules:
Entries limited to Champions, major pointed dogs & Veterans
(8yrs & older).
40% of entry fees awarded to Groups 1st winners
10% of entry fees awarded to Best In Show

No ribbons or trophies awarded.

What is a Canine Experience Event?
A Canine Experience is a multi-club, multi-sport event that introduces and welcomes dog owners to and educates them about the sport of dogs. The day-long event features educational presentations and provides an opportunity for potential owners to be mentored by experienced exhibitors and club members prior to an afternoon match, during
which new exhibitors and future fanciers practice their newly learned skills.”
Last year we had over 200 exhibitors, of those 54 were new exhibitors to our sport, with over 500 spectators.

Sunday July 30th

Rain or Shine

​Admission Free Donations Accepted

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Directions to show:
St Johnland Nursing Center, 395 Sunken Meadow Road, Kings Park, NY, 11754
L.I. Expressway to Exit 53; Sunken Meadow Parkway North to Exit SM4. Take Pulaski Road East (at the intersection with Rt. 25A it becomes Old Dock Rd.) Go approximately 1½ miles to Sunken Meadow Road (Traffic light.). Turn LEFT and enter the site at the 2nd entrance on the right.

Event Rules
* SAFETY FIRST – Never run to or at any dog. However tempting, do not pet a dog without asking permission first. Often people have spent hours grooming their dog. Other dogs may be nervous at shows or may not be used to crowds or children.
* Strollers are not allowed near any dogs. Small children can make sudden (albeit innocent) moves, which can startle a dog and the reaction, equally as sudden, could be tragic. If you bring a stroller, be careful that you do not run over any dog's tails or that your child does not grab or poke the dogs it can reach.
* Watch where your step.  Make sure you don’t step on any feet or tails.
* No prong training collars on show grounds.
* If you bring your dog please make sure it is under control. Ask before approaching another dog.
* Leashes are a must. No flexi-leashes. No leashes over 6 feet long.
* Most important is, IF YOUR DOG LEAVES IT, YOU CLEAN IT.
* We ask you take home all your litter, as we have no garbage removal at this site.

10th Annual Canine Experience

All Breed ​Match Show,  All Breed Sweepstake, Rally & Obedience Competition​​

Suffolk County  Kennel Club